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Syllabi from the Second Annual CL Davis Symposium on Diagnostic Pathology of Diseases of Aerial, Terrestrial and Aquatic Wildlife

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Downloading Instructions (PLEASE READ) To view any of the documents, simply click on the document title. Also, a variety of file types are available here, including HTML, ASCII, WordPerfect, and Word.

TitleFile Type
An Overview of Wildlife Health and Disease - Dr. WoebeserMS Word
Wildlife Forensic Pathology & Role of Pathologists in Legal Cases - Dr. StroudMS Word
Amphibian Diseases, Deformities and Decline - Dr. GreenMS Word
Ocean Health & Disease: Coral Reefs & Sea Turtles - Dr. WorkMS Word
Chronic Wasting Disease & Other Prions: Overview of Disease Status and Research - Dr. RichardsMS Word
Sea Otter Diseases & Pathology - Dr. ThomasMS Word
Disease & Pathology of Cervids - Dr. FitzgeraldMS Word
The Impact of Harmful Algal Blooms on Wildlife - BochslerMS Word
Diseases and Pathology of Marine Mammals - St. LegerMS Word