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Syllabi from the 2017 CLASS/POLA Course

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Downloading Instructions (PLEASE READ) To view any of the documents, simply click on the document title. Also, a variety of file types are available here, including HTML, ASCII, WordPerfect, and Word.

TitleFile Type
CLASS_POLA ScheduleAdobe PDF
Meta-cognitive Note Taking - BroAdobe PDF
ACLAM Board Prep - BroAdobe PDF
Euthanasia Chart - FitzhughAdobe PDF
AVMA Guidelines on Euthanasia - FitzhughAdobe PDF
Euthanasia Chart by Species - FitzhughAdobe PDF
The Animal Welfare Act and Its Consequences - BanksAdobe PDF
PHS Policy on Humane Care and UseAdobe PDF
USDA Animal Care Blue BookAdobe PDF
Reportable Issues and the USDA - BanksAdobe PDF
USDA Regulatory Scenarios and Questions - BanksAdobe PDF
The NRC Guide - Chapter 1 - DavisAdobe PDF
The Ag Guide - BroAdobe PDF
The NRC Guide - Chapter 2 - DavisAdobe PDF
The NRC Guide - Chapter 3 - DavisAdobe PDF
The NRC Guide - Chapter 4.5 - DavisAdobe PDF
Pathology of Minipigs - WilliamsAdobe PDF
Clinical Pathology of Lab Animals - BarnhartAdobe PDF
Pathology of the Guinea Pig, Hamster, and Gerbil - BriceAdobe PDF
Anatomy, Physiology, and Histology of Lab Fishes - WolfAdobe PDF
Pathology of Lab Fishes - WolfAdobe PDF
Pathology of Non-Human Primates - BeckAdobe PDF
Toxicology and Pharmacology in Lab Animal Medicine and Pathology - RubenAdobe PDF
Pathology of the Rabbit - CooperAdobe PDF
Mock Exam #1 Answer Sheet - CooperAdobe PDF
Mouse Pathology Spontaneous Phenotypes and Diseases (NON infectious) - BraytonAdobe PDF
Mice Infectious Agents and Diseases Phenotypes - BraytonAdobe PDF
Pathology and Phenotypes of Rats - BraytonAdobe PDF
Mouse Diseases - Tables - BraytonAdobe PDF
Mouse Phenotyping Lab Manual - BraytonAdobe PDF
Rat Diseases - Tables - BraytonAdobe PDF
Pathology of the Ferret - BriceAdobe PDF
Pathology of Minipigs (uncompressed - 100Mb) - WilliamsAdobe PDF
Pathology of Frogs and Amphibians - WolfAdobe PDF
POLA Mock Exam #2 - BriceAdobe PDF
POLA Mock Exam #1 Answers - CooperAdobe PDF
POLA Mock Exam #2 Answers - BriceAdobe PDF