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Syllabi from the 2015 CLASS_POLA and Clin Path Course

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TitleFile Type
Course ScheduleAdobe PDF
It's not Just a Matter of Clinical Care - BanksAdobe PDF
Preparing for the ACLAM Exam; MetaCognitive Note-Taking - BroAdobe PDF
Statistical Methods in Lab Animal Medicine - NorrisAdobe PDF
PHS Policy and FAQs - VanderfordAdobe PDF
Biocontainment Guidelines, Regulations, and Important Considerations - SheltonAdobe PDF
Euthanasia Review: Regulations and Methods - FitzhughAdobe PDF
The 8th Edition of the Guide, Chapters 1-2 - Moore, Robert, and LindstromAdobe PDF
The 8th Edition of the Guide, Chapter 3 - RobertAdobe PDF
The 8th Edition of the Guide, Chapter 4 - LindstromAdobe PDF
The 8th Edition of the Guide, Chapter 5 - RobertAdobe PDF
Diseases of Non-human Primates - KockAdobe PDF
Pathology of the Domestic Ferret - FacemireAdobe PDF
Zebrafish: Anatomy, Histology, and Physiology - WolfAdobe PDF
Pathology of Laboratory Fishes - WolfAdobe PDF
Pathology of Minipigs - HelkeAdobe PDF
Pathology of Laboratory Rabbits - CooperAdobe PDF
Mice Spontaneous Phenotypes and Non-Infectious Diseases - BraytonAdobe PDF
Mice Infectious Agents and Diseases (Phenotypes) - BraytonAdobe PDF
Mice Summary Tables - Braytonapplication/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document
[Text] Spontaneous Diseases in Commonly Used Mouse Strains / Stocks - Brayton Adobe PDF
[Text] Mice Diseases: Common Conditions (Phenotypes) and Infectious Diseases - BraytonAdobe PDF
Pathology of Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, and Gerbils - FacemireAdobe PDF
Famous Rat Pathology (Phenotypes) - BraytonAdobe PDF
Rat Summary Tables - BraytonMS Word
Answers to Mock Gross Exam#1 - CooperAdobe PDF
Clinical Pathology of Laboratory Animals - BarnhartAdobe PDF
Mock Gross Exam #2 Blank - FacemireAdobe PDF
Mock Gross Exam #2 Images - FacemireAdobe PDF
Mock Gross Exam #2 Answers - FacemireAdobe PDF