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Syllabi from the 2014 Current Lab Animals Science Seminar and Pathology of Lab Animals Course

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Downloading Instructions (PLEASE READ) To view any of the documents, simply click on the document title. Also, a variety of file types are available here, including HTML, ASCII, WordPerfect, and Word.

TitleFile Type
USDA/APHIS - The Animal Welfare Inspection Guide - ClarkeAdobe PDF
The USDA/APHIS rule-making Process - KaczmarskiAdobe PDF
OLAW/PHS Grants - MorganAdobe PDF
OLAW/PHS Policy Overview - BrownAdobe PDF
Animal Import-Export Guidelines - HailAdobe PDF
Biocontainment Guidelines, Regulations, and Procedures - HailAdobe PDF
Rodent Necropsy for the Lab Animal Veterinarian - EckhausAdobe PDF
VA Animal Use Oversight and Compliance - LorenzoAdobe PDF
DoD Animal Care and Use Programs - BanksAdobe PDF
IACUC Roles and Functions - BanksAdobe PDF
USDA Pain Classes - BrockAdobe PDF
The AALAC Overview - BradfieldAdobe PDF
Institutional Animal Reporting Requirements - HamptonAdobe PDF
Factors and Variables Affecting Research Outcomes - BanksAdobe PDF
Unusual Rodent Species - FishbackAdobe PDF
Unusual Non-Rodent Species - FishbackAdobe PDF
Serologic, Culture, Cytologic, and Molecular diagnostic Testing Methodologies - Besch-WillifordAdobe PDF
Preparing for the Boards - HawleyAdobe PDF
The Prospective Necropsy -What to Collect - Besch-WillifordAdobe PDF
Pathology of the Mouse - La PerleAdobe PDF
Pathology of the Rat - La PerleAdobe PDF
Anatomy and Physiology of Lab Fish - WolfAdobe PDF
Pathology of Laboratory Fish - WolfAdobe PDF
Pathology of the Ferret - WilliamsAdobe PDF
Pathology of the Rabbit - CooperAdobe PDF
Pathology of the Minipig - SargeantAdobe PDF
Pathology of Non-human Primates - WilliamsAdobe PDF
Pathology of the Guinea Pig, Hamster and Gerbil - WilliamsAdobe PDF
Clinical Pathology of Laboratory Animals - BarnhartAdobe PDF
POLA Mock Exam ImagesAdobe PDF
POLA Mock Exam KeyAdobe PDF