Charles Louis Davis and Samuel Wesley Thompson DVM Foundation

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Tenets of the Charles Louis Davis Foundation

The Foundation does not espouse nationalism. The only reason that The Foundation does not have members in the other countries of the world is that we have not received an application from an eligible individual in any country other than those listed previously.

The Foundation's membership records do not carry any information concerning a member's race. Registrants attending our educational programs represent all races.

The Foundation membership records do not carry any information concerning a member's ethnic background. If you attend any of the educational programs of The Foundation, it is evident that those members in attendance come from a diversity of ethnic backgrounds.

The Foundation is apolitical. This is a requirement of our designation as a tax-exempt, non-profit, operating, private, educational foundation by the government of the United States of America.

The Foundation is nonsectarian. The membership records of The Foundation do not carry any information concerning the religious preference of a member.

The "CIRCLE" that takes in all of the Members of The Foundation , is not nationalism, race, ethnic background, politics or religion. The "CIRCLE" that takes them in is their interest in the study of the pathology of the diseases of Chief Seattle's "beast", and through this study the prevention and possibly the cure of its diseases .

The Foundation is a non-profit organization. The only means The Foundation has of supporting its many educational programs is from annual dues contributed by Individual Members, Corporate Members, and Institutional Members; registration fees charged for some of its seminars and symposia; dedicated contributions made by Patrons; and contributions made by Members and Affiliate Members for videotutorials and publications.

The Foundation is not able to perform any unsponsored services for any individuals who are not MEMBERS, AFFILIATE MEMBERS or PATRONS of The Foundation.

The Foundation does not use professional solicitors to raise the funds it needs. The Foundation has no salaried employees. The Foundation does not pay any consulting firm to manage its administration or programs, which are described elsewhere in this Homepage. The Foundation relies entirely on volunteerism and has done so very successfully for over two decades. Every cent that our MEMBERS pay in dues or fees is utilized 100% in support of current programs and services.