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The Latin Comparative Pathology Group (LCPG) is an initiative of Dr. Ricardo Ochoa. The first LCPG meeting took place at the 2004 American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP) meeting in Orlando, Florida, with twelve people in attendance. The group was introduced by then-ACVP president Dr. Paul Stromberg. Dr. Stromberg welcomed the LCPG by discussing the importance of the Latin community to the ACVP. The LCPG's title at that point was 'Latin Pathology Group.'

During the past five years, the LCPG has met many times to help establish and maintain the Group's initiatives. In 2005, the Group's fifteen members met at the ACVP meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2006, the Group met at the ACVP meeting in Tucson, Arizona, where the Group's name was officially changed to the current title. The LCPG elected Drs. Ingrid Pardo and Evelyne Polack as president and vice president, respectively. The LCPG had accrued twenty-five members by 2006.

In 2007, the LCPG assembled in Puerto Rico at the annual meeting of the Society of Toxicologic Pathology to establish a mission statement, goals, and objectives. Drs. Romeo and Weber from Switzerland offered the first presentation in Spanish: "Significance of Parameters from Hematology, Biochemistry, and Clinical Lesions for Pathology Evaluation. Example: LPS."

Dr. Pardo and Lorena Calixto-Fulton presented the themes from the LCPG to the ACVP council members during the ACVP annual meeting in Savannah Georgia in 2007. The objective of this meeting was to obtain ACVP support for the LCPG. Dr. Pardo and Ms. Calixto-Fulton also met with Dr. Bruce Williams, president of the CL Davis Foundation; this led to the LCPG becoming the Latin subdivision of the CL Davis Foundation. During an LCPG lunch meeting at the ACVP meeting, it was announced that a coalition had been formed between the CL Davis Foundation and the LCPG. That meeting also highlighted the continuous support of the ACVP council.

At the 2008 ACVP meeting in San Antonio, Texas, the LCPG accomplished one of its biggest milestones for the Latin subdivision of the CL Davis Foundation. The ACVP was considering the establishment of an International Task Force, the major goal of which was to address pathology issues an at international level. Dr. Pardo and Dr. Ingeborg Langohr met with the ACVP president, president-elect, secretary, and councilors, together with three pathologists from Japan who were representing the Japanese College of Veterinary Pathologists. The pathologists from Japan were interested in forming a group similar to the LCPG. Selected members of the LCPG would be invited join the Task Force in order to discuss possibilities such as the provision of travel awards for the annual ACVP meeting and/or scholarships for students/professionals for additional training in the United States. The ACVP will explore the possibility of including in their website a link through which members of the College would be identified by countries of interest/nationality. It is hoped that this will facilitate the finding of adequate persons in the ACVP by interested international students and professionals.

The ACVP will also continue supporting LCPG business meetings and Spanish lectures during annual ACVP conferences. Additionally, ACVP members will be encouraged to donate copies of the magazine Veterinary Pathology, to universities in Latin America who do not have access to this particular periodical.

The LCPG will make every effort to ensure its regular participation in ACVP and STP events. The LCPG is interested in joining forces with other pathology committees, colleges, and teams, with emphasis in involving Latin-American participants. The LCPG is also dedicated to presenting its objectives and lectures in Spanish at these events, whenever feasible. The LCPG will also promote education and training of Latin-American veterinary students and veterinarians in veterinary and comparative pathology by increasing awareness of externship and residency training opportunities as well as graduate programs of study.

LCPG Mission Statement and Objectives

The members of the LCPG intend to:

  • Collaborate with the ACVP, STP, and CL Davis Foundation;
  • Identify and assist veterinary/medical students in Latin countries who have skills and an interest pathology, to develop those interests and skills;
  • Identify/create scholarships, internships, fellowships, and other opportunities for Latin students in pathology;
  • Unify and network within the Latin pathology community;
  • Educate in the field of pathology in Latin countries.


  • Domestic and international networking (Central, South, and North Americas)
  • Presentations in Spanish at national pathology meetings
  • Continuing education in South America (2008-Present)
  • Recruitment
  • Mentoring, support, and experience-sharing with prospective pathologists
  • Journal initiatives (in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico)
  • Multicultural involvement

Spanish presentations

Drs. Romeo and Klaus Weber (Switzerland)

  • Title: Significance of Parameters from Hematology, Biochemistry, and Clinical Lesions for Pathology Evaluation. Example: LPS
  • Titulo: Significado de las alteraciones hematologicas, bioquimicas y clinicas en la evaluacion patologica. Ejemplo: LPS
  • STP Meeting, June 2007

Ricardo Ochoa DVM, PhD, DACVP

  • Title: Challenges to Developing Weight Control Therapies
  • Titulo: Retos en el desarrollo de drogas para el control del peso
  • ACVP Meeting, November 2007

Ingeborg M. Langohr DVM, PhD, DACVP

  • Title: Contemporary Infectious Diseases in Pigs
  • Titulo: Enfermedades infecciosas contemporaneas en cerdos
  • ACVP Meeting, November 2008

Armando Irizarry Rovira DVM, PhD, DACVP

  • Title: Morphologic Hematology Discoveries in CD-1 Mice and F344 Rats Over The Course of Two Years of Life
  • Titulo: Hallazgos hematologicos morfologicos en ratones CD-1 y ratas F344 durante dos anos de vida
  • STP Meeting, June 2009

Roberto Guzman DVM, PhD, DACVP

  • Title: Strategies in the Preclinical Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Compounds
  • Titulo: Estrategias en la evaluacion pre-clinica de compuestos farmaceuticos
  • STP Meeting, June 2009

Uriel Blas-Machado DVM, PhD, DACVP

  • Title: Experimental Infection of a Bovine Enterovirus-1 Isolate in Cattle
  • Titulo: Infeccion experimental con un aislamiento de Enterovirus Bovino tipo 1 en bovinos
  • ACVP Meeting, December 2009

Ellen Evans DVM, PhD, DACVP

  • Title: Nonclinical Development of a Novel Small-Molecule Anti-Cancer Agent
  • Titulo: Desarrollo no clinico de un nuevo agente anti-c┬Ěncer de molecula pequena
  • ACVP Meeting, December 2009

Klaus Weber

  • Title: Toxicant-Induced CNS And PNS Lesions in Laboratory Animals and Their Possible Methods of Evaluation
  • Titulo: Lesiones inducidas en CNS y CNP de animales de laboratorio y posibles metodos de evaluacion
  • STP Meeting, June 2010

Ingrid Pardo, DVM, MS, DACVP

  • Title: A Technique to Dissect and Evaluate the CNS And PNS In Nonhuman Primates for General Toxicity Studies
  • Titulo: Una tecnica para disecar y evaluar el SNC y SNP de primates no humanos para estudios generales de toxicidad
  • STP Meeting, June 2010


Membership is voluntary and open to all colleagues, regardless of ethnicity, in veterinary and human pathology fields. Latina/Latino heritage and Latin-based language communication are not required.


  • Scholarships
  • Mentoring
  • Job opportunities
  • Courses
  • Other

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