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The Latin Comparative Pathology Group: the Latin American Division of the Davis/Thompson Foundation

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The LCPG is a non-profit, educational organization whose objective is: “To further education and scientific progress in comparative pathology, among Latin scientific professionals and/or any professional working in a Latin country.”


  1. Scholarships and awards (LCPG members only)
    1. LCPG ACVP travel award: This was the first monetary award created by the LCPG, in order to help LCPG members to attend to present their research (poster or oral presentation) to the ACVP annual meeting.
    2. LCPG meeting in Latin America award: This award consists of a sum of money and a diploma for students and professionals attending a LCPG- sponsored meeting in Latin America.
    3. LCPG Pathology externship award: This monetary award was created to support students and professionals from Latin America doing veterinary pathology rotations of at least one month in anywhere in the world. It comes also with a diploma.
    4. LCPG Best paper award: Every year, the LCPG offers one monetary award to the best publication (research article, review, short communication or a letter to the editor) completely developed in Latin America.

    5. The monetary amount of the awards is variable and depends on the available funds for the year. Funds for the awards come from the annual LCPG membership subscription.
    6. Scientific session at scientific meetings (ACVP)
      The LCPG runs a scientific meeting at the annual meeting of the American College of Veterinary pathologists. Both invited speakers and speakers selected from those that submitted abstract present at this session.
    7. Continuing education in Latin America
      Education of veterinary students and pathologists in Latin America is one of the is one of the main objectives of the group. For this, courses, seminars and workshops are held regularly in many countries of the region.
    8. Diagnostic exercises
      The Diagnostic Exercises (DE) of the LCPG and the Davis-Thompson Foundation have been produced since 2010. These exercises are contributed by members and non-members from any country of residence. The DE are distributed via the LCPG, DTF and AAVLD listserv and are posted in the DTF and AAVLD webpage.
    9. Mentoring, externships, support, and experience-sharing with students and pathologists
      Externships in several veterinary laboratories with residence programs in veterinary anatomic pathology are an excellent opportunity to improve the knowledge, to understand how works the residence system and to open spaces to apply for residence positions in American or European Universities.
      Also, for junior vet pathologists, the permanent contact with LCPG senior veterinary pathologists is the best way to have excellent and helpful mentoring.


    Membership is voluntary and open to all colleagues. Latina/Latino heritage and Latin-based language communication are not required. The LCPG does not endorse or tolerate any form of bias against nationality, race, ethnicity, religious preference (or not-religion at all), political preference, gender, sexual preference, or sexual identity. All LCPG members are embraced equally and treated with respect.

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    Members of the group come from or reside in many countries around the world, and the membership is not restricted to Latin Americans only. Anybody that is aligned with the LCPG mission and vision is welcome to join the group.


    The Latin Comparative Pathology Group (“LCPG”) originated as an initiative of Dr. Ricardo Ochoa. The first LCPG meeting took place at the 2004 American College of Veterinary Pathologists (“ACVP”) meeting in Orlando, Florida, with twelve people in attendance. The group was introduced by then-ACVP president Dr. Paul Stromberg. Dr. Stromberg welcomed the LCPG by discussing the importance of the Latin community to the ACVP. The LCPG’s title at that point was “Latin Pathology Group.”

    Since then, the LCPG has been growing exponentially including becoming the Latin American Division of the Davis-Thompson Foundation.


    Council positions

    The council of LCPG consist of a President, Vice-President (President-elect), Secretary-Treasure and four (4) councilors. The council of LCPG is in permanent communication to decide activities of the group. Also, the Council has meetings with the specific committees depending on activities to coordinate.


    The President and President-elect are elected by all members of the group and serve for a maximum two years. The Secretary-Treasurer serves for a maximum of four years. The four councilors serve a term of four years.

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