Engaging Veterinary Pathologists in Global Health

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You have reached the Global Health Pathology Network (GHPN) website. We are a small, but growing team across professions within pathology to serve as a centralized resource and knowledge base to facilitate pathology engagement in Global Health.

To learn more, please review our article, an excerpt of which is below (Brown et al. Promoting Global Health through Pathology: Initiation of the Global Health Pathology Network. Vet Pathology May 2018):

The American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP) is an organization with considerable member expertise, which can be put to great use in various locations around the world. Veterinary pathologists are well positioned to take advantage of the globalization phenomenon, participating in activities with colleagues in other lands and to be leaders in global health efforts. Internationally, there are 2 large realms in which veterinary pathologists can readily contribute. One is in capacity building, that is, aiding resource-constrained or less developed countries in the enhancement and support of local and regional animal health systems. This can be through providing training and infrastructure for basic surveillance and diagnosis of animal diseases, especially focusing on those for public good and with transboundary potential. The second is in supplying technical expertise in research and diagnosis, through virtual or in-person connections. Among other disciplines, histotechicians are critical to enable pathology capacity building and supplying technical expertise, and thus are a natural synergy for the pathology network.