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  • 2017 General Pathology Review

    **COURSE IS FULL** An intensive 4-day session on concepts in general pathology, including a pre-meeting study guide, practice exams, and round table breakout sessions.

  • 2017 Northeast Veterinary Pathology Conference

    Featuring case presentations by anatomic and clinical pathology trainees and pathologists, and a guest lecture by Dr. Linden Craig of the University of Tennessee.

  • 2017 Descriptive Pathology Course

    Meet course lecturers, get individual feedback, and mingle with other trainees from around the world!

  • 44th Annual Gross Review Course

    Learn all about gross lesions in domestic, laboratory, and exotic animals.

  • Argentinean Division Seminar

    Dr. Donal O'Toole (second from left) is demonstrating lesions, and Dr. Melissa Macias (second from right) is translating into Spanish at the 10th seminar of the Argentinean Division of the Foundation.

  • Chilean Seminar

    Participants of the 4th Chilean Seminar of the Foundation on the campus of the University of Chile in Santiago de Chile in August 2016.

  • European Symposium

    The European Symposium of the Foundation was held in Bologna, Italy, in September 2016.

  • Northeast Day Seminar

    Janssen R&D (J&J Pharmaceuticals) and the Davis-Thompson sponsored and hosted the Northeast Day Seminar at Spring House, Pennsylvania in September 2016.

  • Zoo Pathology Workshop

    Drs. Bruce Rideout (Co-moderator), Kevin Keel (Keynote speaker), and Dalen Agnew (Co-moderator) at the 2016 Davis-Thompson/AAZV Zoo Pathology Workshop at the AAZV meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Course ID: 165941
Title: Gross Pathology of the Diseases of the Dog and Cat

Length: 02:30:00
Author: Dr. Donald Meuten, DVM, Ph.D., DACVP (Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
Description: This 3-hour lecture on the gross morbid anatomy of the horse will take a system-by-system approach to diseases of the dog and cat. Dr. Meuten takes a unique approach to the material, stressing clinicopathologic-gross pathologic correlations to give a comprehensive review of diseases of the dog and cat which is appropriate for pathologists and practitioners alike.

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CL Davis Diagnostic Exercises

The main goal of these Diagnostic Exercises is to provide interesting cases, focusing on the gross pathological lesions and associated histopathologic or cytologic findings. This material can be of great use for veterinary students, in-training pathologists, and ACVP diplomates alike.

There will be one contribution per month of the year; anyone may contribute. To do so, please contact Dr. Vinicius Carreira at to identify a convenient date for your submission and to receive templates to be used. Spots will be filled out on a first-come first-served basis.

Exercise Animal Thumbnail Answer
Click here for case history Click here for case synopsis

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Topic fr presentation on environmental toxicopathology . Research of four PG and two Ph. D students under my guidance. Water Salinity and impact on livestock and poultry health .

I also have one topic related to Water salinity and livestock health which
was carried out in India with experimental studies in poultry and lab
animals. If you find suitable topic can be presented in some place in US as
i am coming to US in May and will be at CL Foster city up to Sept.and will
stay with my daughter Puja Panse she is kind enough to pay my annual
subscription of Foundation
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Montaser Elhawary shared Microbiology's Multi touch Microscope with Zoom to the group: C.L. Davis and S.W. Thompson DVM Foundation.

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Researchers at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) and Multitouch Ltd have created a hand and finger gesture controlled microscope. The method is a combination between two technologies: web-based virtual microscopy and a giant size multitouch display. The result is an entirely new way of performing microscopy: by touching a table- or wall-sized screen the user can navigate and zoom within a microscope sample in the same way as in a conventional microscope. Using the touch control it is possible to move from the natural size of the sample to a 1000-fold magnification, at which cells and even subcellular details can be seen on an interactive multitouch display table.

Environmental Toxicologic Pathology
2017 STP Regional Meeting

The Society of Toxicologic Pathology’s Environmental Toxicologic Pathology Special Interest Group will be chairing a Regional Meeting entitled “Environmental Toxicologic Pathology” on Thursday, April 20 at the National Toxicology Program/NIEHS headquarters in Research Triangle Park, NC. The primary goal of this meeting will be to enhance awareness and understanding of environmental toxicologic pathology by exposing attendees to a variety of interesting and currently relevant topics presented by prominent experts from across the country. There will be no registration fee and break time refreshments will be provided.

9-9:50 AM: James Swenberg, PhD, DVM (Keynote Address): “Keeping up with Knowledge from Formaldehyde and Genetics.”

9:55-10:15 AM: Morning Break.

10:20-11:05 AM: Wanda M. Haschek-Hock, BVSc, PhD, DACVP, DABT, FIATP: “Consumption of Thermally-Abused Frying Oil Increased Metastatic Lung Disease in a Mouse Breast Cancer Model.”

11:10-11:55 AM: Jack R Harkema, DVM, PhD, DACVP: “Silica-Triggered Autoimmunity and Dietary Lipid Interventions: Studies in Lupus-Prone Mice.”

12 Noon-12:55PM: Lunch

1:00-1:45 PM: Laura S Van Winkle, PhD DABT: “Inhaled Ultrafine Particles and the Developing Lung

1:50-2:35 PM: Trace Peterson, DVM, PhD: “Environmental Toxicology and Transgenic Zebrafish Models.”

2:40-2:55 PM: Afternoon Break.

3:00-3:45 PM: Jeffrey Everitt, DVM: “Aye-ayes and Avocado Toxicity: Role of Modifying Environmental Factor(s)”

3:50-4:25 PM: Jeffrey C. Wolf, DVM, DACVP: “Assessing the Credibility of Histopathology Data in Environmental Toxicity Studies.”
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The Joint Pathology Center is putting together a display case with mementos and artifacts from many of our illustrious alumni. If anyone has a single unbound copy of any issue of Pathologia Veterinaria (volumes 4-6) and would like to donate it, it will be in the area dedicated to Charlie Barron, Path. Vet. editor during those years... ... See moreSee less