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  • 2018 General Pathology Review

    Join us for an intensive 4-day session on concepts in general pathology.

  • Prof. Maja Suter Awarded Coveted Olafson Medal

    This medal has only been awarded 13 times since 1980 to eminent veterinary pathologists. It is highly fitting that Maja Suter is the first female recipient of the Olafson Medal.

  • What's New and What's Still True in the 21st Century

    Dr. John Cullen will provide an overview of the liver of domestic animals in health and disease with an emphasis on dogs and cats.

  • IV Chilean Meeting on Veterinary Histopathology

    It was organized by Dr. Carlos Gonzalez from Andres Bello University, and sponsored by the Latin Comparative Pathology Group (the Latin-American Division of the Foundation).

  • Annual Diagnostic Pathology Symposium: Diagnostic Renal Pathology

    Learn about glomerular pathology, glomerular ultrastructure, and pathology of tubulointerstitial disease.

  • 2017 Southcentral Division Meeting

    The meeting was held at Texas A&M Galveston Campus in October, 2017. Annual dinner at Landry's!

  • 5th International Seminar on Veterinary Pathology and Ichthyopathology

    It was held at the Universidad National de Colombia in Bogota, Colombia in August, 2017.

  • Second Annual Course in Peru

    The Foundation held a 3-day course at the Veterinary School of the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos, in the San Borja District of Lima in August, 2017.

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Course ID: 166024
Title: Fundamentals of Ultrastructure

Length: 02:00:00
Author: Dr. David Fritz, DVM, DACVP (retired)
Description: This 2-hour lecture on the fundamentals of ultrastucture covers the following: a) basic cellular anatomy, b) morphologic changes in degenerating cells, c) microanatomy of cell types in various organ systems, and d) ultrastructure of infectious organisms, and e) ultrastructure of various neoplasms. Dr. Fritz takes a very practical approach to this material, simplifying complex concepts and making ultrastructural description and analysis familiar for pathologists who have not ventured often into this realm.

Noah's Arkive

The Foundation is proud to make Noah's Arkive, a searchable collection of veterinary pathology images, available online at no cost. Special thanks to the University of Georgia for transferring the database and image collection to the Foundation!

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CL Davis Diagnostic Exercises

The main goal of these Diagnostic Exercises is to provide interesting cases, focusing on the gross pathological lesions and associated histopathologic or cytologic findings. This material can be of great use for veterinary students, in-training pathologists, and ACVP diplomates alike.

There will be one contribution per month of the year; anyone may contribute. To do so, please contact Dr. Vinicius Carreira at to identify a convenient date for your submission and to receive templates to be used. Spots will be filled out on a first-come first-served basis.

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New today in Noah from the AFIP Archives.

Tissue from a cat.

Morphologic diagnosis: Bilaterally symmetrical plasma cell stomatitis.

Name the condition: Feline plasma cell gingivostomatitis

Comment: This lesion, also known as feline plasma cell gingivitis-pharyngitis often affects the palatopharyngeal arch, but also hits the gingiva, Eustachian tubes and even the conjunctiva. Plasma cells often predominate in a mixed inflammatory population on biopsy. AFfected animal often have a polyclonial gammopathy.
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The 2017 Student Scholarship Award for Texas A&M is awarded to Dr. Erin Edwards.

"Erin Edwards joined the Texas A&M anatomic pathology residency program in 2014 after earning a B.S. in Applied Biology from Georgia Tech and a DVM from the University of Georgia. She has excelled in the program, becoming a very competent diagnostician and a highly effective teacher. Erin has published three first-author publications during her residency and made multiple presentations at local and national meetings. Her scholarly interests include wildlife/exotic animal disease and parasitology. She has worked on two research projects, one involving the prevalence of Chagas disease and heartworm disease in coyotes and another involving optimization of leukocyte immunohistochemical markers in elephants. Erin has served as the resident liaison for the student pathology club. She is hard working, highly collegial, and very passionate about pathology. Erin is destined for a highly successful career. "
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The winner of the 2017 Student Scholarship Award for the University of California at Davis is Dr. Regina Zavodovskaya.

The 2017 C.L. Davis recipient from UC Davis, Dr. Regina Zavodovskaya, is an ACVP diplomat who is completing her final year of graduate school at UC Davis. Regina’s graduate work is focused on unraveling the complex pathogenesis of silica associated osteoporosis (SAO) in horses in the laboratory of Dr. Sue Stover. In her graduate work, Regina has utilized the tools of molecular biology coupled with classical histomorphometry and histopathology. Regina has a first-rate inquisitive intellect and is developing into an excellent orthopedic pathologist."
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The 2017 Award for the Best Diagnostic Exercise goes to Dr. Federico Cifuentes.

Federico Cifuentes Ramos is a Professor of Veterinary Pathology who graduated at the Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences of the University of Chile in 2003. He got an MSc and a PhD degree from the same institution in 2009 and 2015 respectively in the area of comparative pathology. After graduating from vet school he worked as a small animal clinician and from 2007 is dedicated full time to veterinary pathology performing research, teaching and service activities.
He has done internships in the Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM), North Carolina State University, University of Tennessee, Cornell University and the California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory (UC Davis). From 2012 he is an associate and funder of a private veterinary pathology laboratory and from 2016 he is an assistant professor in the Department of Animal Pathology at the Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences in the University of Chile.

You can view his and 84 (and counting) other fantastic Diagnostic Exercises at:
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The winner of the 2017 Student Scholarship Award for the Joint Pathology Center is MAJ (Dr.) Alicia Moreau.

"MAJ Moreau received her Bachelor of Science from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in 2002. MAJ Moreau was commissioned and entered active duty service as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Ordnance Corps. Following successful tours of duty as a Maintenance Officer in Korea, Fort Carson, Colorado, and a combat deployment to Iraq, Major Moreau left active duty service in 2006 to attend the Western University College of Veterinary Medicine and was awarded the Department of Army Health Professions Scholarship. Upon graduating in 2010, Major Moreau returned to active military service as a Captain, in the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps. As a U.S. Army veterinarian, MAJ Moreau was assigned as the Officer-in-Charge of the animal medicine, zoonotic disease/public health, and food defense missions at Twentynine Palms, Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center and Naval Air Station, Jacksonville. Following these assignments, Major Moreau was accepted in the department of Defense Veterinary Pathology Residency program in 2014 at the Joint Pathology Center and completed the 3-year pathology residency in 2017. She will sit for the American College of Veterinary Pathologists board certification examination in August 2017. "
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