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    Learn all about gross lesions in domestic, laboratory, and exotic animals.

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    Recognize and interpret conditions which may affect experimental results or alter the health of laboratory animals.

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    Learn about glomerular pathology, glomerular ultrastructure, and pathology of tubulointerstitial disease.

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    The theme of this year is fungal diseases.

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    Dr. Donal O'Toole (second from left) is demonstrating lesions, and Dr. Melissa Macias (second from right) is translating into Spanish at the 10th seminar of the Argentinean Division of the Foundation.

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    Participants of the 4th Chilean Seminar of the Foundation on the campus of the University of Chile in Santiago de Chile in August 2016.

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    The European Symposium of the Foundation was held in Bologna, Italy, in September 2016.

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    Janssen R&D (J&J Pharmaceuticals) and the Davis-Thompson sponsored and hosted the Northeast Day Seminar at Spring House, Pennsylvania in September 2016.

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Course ID: 166799
Title: Pathology of the Horse

Length: 06:00:00
Author: Bruce H. Williams, DVM, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Pathology
Description: This 6-hour lecture on the gross pathology of the horsets covers many of the common (and not-so-common) diseases of this species.

Noah's Arkive

The Foundation is proud to make Noah's Arkive, a searchable collection of veterinary pathology images, available online at no cost. Special thanks to the University of Georgia for transferring the database and image collection to the Foundation!

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CL Davis Diagnostic Exercises

The main goal of these Diagnostic Exercises is to provide interesting cases, focusing on the gross pathological lesions and associated histopathologic or cytologic findings. This material can be of great use for veterinary students, in-training pathologists, and ACVP diplomates alike.

There will be one contribution per month of the year; anyone may contribute. To do so, please contact Dr. Vinicius Carreira at to identify a convenient date for your submission and to receive templates to be used. Spots will be filled out on a first-come first-served basis.

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New in Noah's - from Mike Dark at the Univ.of Fla.

Tissue from a piglet.

Morphologic condition: Diffuse hyperkeratotic and suppurative dermatitis.

Cause: Sarcoptes scabei with concomitant Corynebacterium infection.

While Staphylococcus hyicus was also cultured from this pig, Corynebacterium was the predominant organism. This is consistent with the results found in: "Scabies Mites Alter the Skin Microbiome and Promote Growth of Opportunistic Pathogens in a Porcine Model Pearl M. Swe, Martha Zakrzewski, Andrew Kelly, Lutz Krause, Katja Fischer PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases Published: May 29, 2014"
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Unilateral renal aplasia with renal gout. 10-week-old backyard chicken. ... See moreSee less

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New in Noah from the collection of Jim Carpenter from Angell Memorial Animal Hospital.

This is from 1971, although only recently added to NOAH, and from a time when this disease was more widespread and vaccination less common.

Tissue from a dog.

Morphologic diagnosis: Multifocal to coalescing lymphohistiocytic tubulointerstitial nephritis.

Cause: Leptospira sp.

Comment: The gross appearance of leptospirosis is often quite nondescript. This infection here is likely chronic, due to the profound cellular infiltrate which is often not seen with more aggressive serovars. Leptospires may most easily be demonstrated with silver stains early in infections.
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New today in Noah from Ricardo E. Mendes if the IFC.

Tissue from a cow.

Morphologic diagnosis: Focally extensive severe necrotizing (gangrenous) mastitis.

Cause: Coagulase-negative Staphylococcus aureus.

COMMENTS: Jersey. 2 years old. Mammary gland, severe focally extensive ulcerated (20x15x19cm) area associated with suppurative material.
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New today in Noah - from Dr. Panayiotis Loukopoulos of Charles Sturt University.

Tissue from a dog.

Morphologic diagnosis: Occipital multi lobular tumor of bone with marked cerebral and cerebellar compression and atrophy.

Comment: "Severe cerebral and cerebellar compression and atrophy due to a multilobular tumor of the caudal cranium. The tumor (not shown here, see other images of the same case) appeared well defined grossly, but had metastasized to the lungs. This entity is the mostly encountered tumor of the canine skull, and its behavior ranges from benign to malignant (as in this case). Sequelae also depend on its space-occupying properties (as shown here). Case/photos: V. Psychas, P. Loukopoulos, Z. Polizopoulou, G. Sofianidis; Aristotle University. A more detailed description and more photos of this case can be found at: Psychas V, Loukopoulos P, Polizopoulou ZS, Sofianidis G. Multilobular tumour of the caudal cranium causing severe cerebral and cerebellar compression in a dog. Journal of Veterinary Science. 2009;10(1):81-3."
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